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Fittings for containers

SKU: 10000074, 10000075, 10000076, 10000077
Shipping container fitting - corner fasteners for shipping containers provide stacking, positioning, loading and securing the container on the deck and platforms.

The corners are load-bearing elements that allow the containers to be connected:
1. With other containers both horizontally (through twistlocks) and vertically (through bridge fitting ties). The corners are a kind of "eyelets" of the container.
2. With load platforms, including ship, rail and road.

Fitting specifications:
Weight - 11.5 kg
Dimensions: 178 * 162 * 118 mm.
Welding: Electrodes UONI 13/55, ANO ¾ 1.
Additional Information
The fasteners are welded to the uprights/frame of the container to form the main "frame" of the structure.

Fittings of large-capacity containers are certified by Bureau Veritas or RMRS and comply with ISO 1161-84 requirements.
The location of the fittings on the container is also defined by ISO standards. Corner fittings are also used in place of intermediate fittings.

The bottom corner fittings of the containers are identical in design to the top, except for the end hole (used when lifting with grab loops). They interact with corner posts and other elements of the container frame. They absorb the force of impact when stacking containers.
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